Our electricity system is changing

Our electricity system is changing. Pretty soon, you might be able to become an active participant in the power system. New technology is being tested that can tell you what time of day power is cheapest and greenest. Your participation could allow the grid to become the most reliable and efficient it has ever been.

The Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project is testing how to get us there. The Project is researching signals that distribute decision making throughout the electric grid, even to individual devices and users. The goal is a two-way communication system that will tell you when power is cheapest so you and your utility can work together to keep rates low and save energy. It will boost reliability to significantly shorten outages, including when renewable energy is online so you can benefit from the Pacific Northwest's clean energy when it's most abundant.

Transactive Controlthe New Grid Signal

Everyone knows that good communication can help prevent and solve a lot of problems. That's also true for the power system, all the way from a turbine on a dam to your thermostat. The better the communication, the better the grid's reliability and the higher the savings. See how our new grid signal gets us talking here >

Integrating Renewable Energy

The PNW is blessed with abundant hydroelectricity and we are now seeing rapid growth in another type of renewable energy source  wind power. But the wind does not always blow. How can we make best use of those wind turbines? More >

Improving Reliability

Every second, the amount of electricity used in the region must match the amount of electricity that is generated. That's harder than you might think! Find out how it's done here >

Keeping the Costs Down

Electricity use is not consistent throughout the day  it has peaks and valleys that correspond with changes in the cost of delivery. The more people use it, the more expensive it becomes. Find out why here >

Empowering Consumers

Knowledge is power. When it comes to energy, knowledge also means savings. How you manage energy can help cut costs for all of us. And the more you know about your energy choices, the more you can help save. Find out what's available here >