Empowering Consumers

Knowledge is power. When it comes to energy, knowledge also means savings. How you manage energy can help cut costs for all of us. And the more you know about your energy choices, the more you can help save.

For utilities, managing electricity demand is hard. And most consumers don't have the ability to monitor their current use patterns — they get a bill once a month. Consumers also don't have easy methods for automatically adjusting use to shift or reduce demand when it is most needed by the grid.

The PNW-SGDP signals help utilities across the region to enable smart devices that inform customers about the status of the grid. These devices can help save energy by using power when it's abundant through, for example, water heaters that operate before the peak period in the morning, or save power during the peak periods. These programs are voluntary and typically include incentives to participate, and they usually have an opt-out option for specific events or times. Talk to your local utility to find out if it has any programs of this nature.